Forecast for Dawlish

Local timeWeatherPrecipitation probability (%)Temperature
( C)
Feels like
( C)
Wind speed & direction (mph)Wind gusts (mph)VisibilityHumidity (%)UV index
03000300 Mon 0 18 18 4 No gusts Moderate 940
06000600 Mon 10 18 18 7 No gusts Moderate 931
09000900 Mon 0 21 21 7 No gusts Very good 713
12001200 Mon 10 22 21 9 No gusts Very good 675
15001500 Mon 0 23 22 9 No gusts Very good 623
18001800 Mon 10 21 21 7 No gusts Very good 741
21002100 Mon 10 19 19 4 No gusts Very good 840


Rather cloudy and humid, but turning fresher later this week.


Rather cloudy to begin, with some hill fog and drizzle possible. It may stay cloudy in parts of Cornwall, but elsewhere it will brighten up, with some warm sunny spells and the risk of a light shower. Maximum Temperature 24C.


It will be another warm and humid night across southwest England with mainly cloudy skies, the odd spot of rain, and some mist or fog patches possible by morning. Minimum Temperature 16C.


Starting rather cloudy with perhaps some drizzle in places, but brightening up into the afternoon with sunny spells and just the odd light shower possible. Maximum Temperature 25C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

On Wednesday, generally cloudy with rain likely for a time. Turning cooler on Thursday and Friday, with a mixture of sunshine and blustery showers.