Forecast for Dawlish

Local timeWeatherPrecipitation probability (%)Temperature
( C)
Feels like
( C)
Wind speed & direction (mph)Wind gusts (mph)VisibilityHumidity (%)UV index
09000900 Wed 0 10 8 9 20 Good 841
12001200 Wed 10 11 8 13 34 Good 831
15001500 Wed 10 10 8 13 27 Good 871
18001800 Wed 10 10 8 11 22 Very good 840
21002100 Wed 0 10 7 18 34 Very good 850


Becoming dry overnight, and very mild later this week.

This Evening and Tonight:

Cloudy at first this evening with a little patchy drizzle, but for most it will be dry with perhaps with some clear spells developing after midnight. Under any clear skies a few pockets of fog may form around dawn. Minimum Temperature 6C.


Thursday will start cloudy, but spells of sunshine will develop more widely through the afternoon. With light winds it will feel spring-like. Perhaps turning misty along the south coast later. Maximum Temperature 14C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Settled and dry throughout with spells of sunshine, although foggy in the mornings. Exceptionally mild for some on Friday and Saturday. Perhaps less mild and a little cloudier on Sunday.