Forecast for Dawlish

Local timeWeatherPrecipitation probability (%)Temperature
( C)
Feels like
( C)
Wind speed & direction (mph)Wind gusts (mph)VisibilityHumidity (%)UV index
06000600 Mon 10 14 12 13 No gusts Very good 831
09000900 Mon 0 17 15 9 No gusts Very good 704
12001200 Mon 0 20 19 7 18 Very good 667
15001500 Mon 0 20 17 16 No gusts Good 743
18001800 Mon 0 18 17 11 No gusts Good 821
21002100 Mon 0 17 17 7 No gusts Very good 840


Morning sunshine. Clouding over later in the west.


There will be plenty of sunshine this morning. A breeze will develop though, and cloud will build in Cornwall and west Devon, bringing patchy rain or drizzle here later. Eastern counties will keep the sunshine and become pleasantly warm. Maximum Temperature 22C.


A sunny evening in the east will be followed by rather a muggy night. Cloud and drizzle in the west will tend to spread further east overnight. Minimum Temperature 15C.


Tuesday will be warm and humid with a good deal of sunshine. However, sea fog will tend to spill over onto the land in the west, keeping it cooler here. Maximum Temperature 22C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Wednesday will be rather cloudy, with rain or drizzle persisting in the west. Thursday and Friday will be dry and bright everywhere, but cooler as the breeze turns northwesterly.